NIST CSF 2.0 — The Rise of Governance in IT Compliance

Gianna Kubiak
Gianna Kubiak RSM US LLP
Ty Smith

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Gianna Kubiak has over eight years of experience working across multiple cybersecurity and technology domains with a current focus on clients in financial services, private equity, and the family office space. Her financial services clients are primarily global financial institutions with a focus on cybersecurity and IT control transformation and program management efforts.

She has served as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) for multiple private equity funds and family offices, assisting clients in developing or maturing their cybersecurity programs, providing strategic guidance and supporting executive leadership decisions as well as tactical day-to-day program management. In this role, she regularly interacts with portfolio and private equity fund representatives, tracks risks, advocates for portfolio company needs at the private equity fund level and aids the implementation of fund strategy at the portfolio company level.

Upon first joining RSM, Gianna led the project management office for RSM’s national cyber response team, ensuring the successful delivery of projects and investigation of cyber incidents for hundreds of clients every year. She also prepared and facilitated client incident response preparedness tabletop exercises.

Prior to joining RSM, Gianna served in the project management function for the IT organization of a multinational information and communications technology company. She was responsible for multiple software rollout projects including adoption, end user and support team training, and process documentation to support day-to-day usage following rollout. In this role, she was responsible for managing several teams across Asia, Europe, North and Central America.

Ty Smith is an experienced risk consultant and U.S. Army officer who has a strong understanding of information security in the professional services industry. He assists clients with executive management decisions surrounding information security to ensure the highest return on investment. Ty has worked with organizations across a variety of industries, providing him with the experience and knowledge of the different ways that each industry secures its data. Ty also serves as a battalion communications officer in the Ohio National Guard.

Ty’s professional experience includes overseeing the development and implementation of a fully compliant PCI DSS program at a large resort; serving as virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) for a hospital in Washington, D.C. focused on NIST CSF implementation; and performing security risk and information security assessments to determine program-level vulnerabilities within organizations. He is experienced in guiding clients in developing security best practices to determine the optimal course of action for implementation within business units, aligning organizational security programs with corporate goals, and continually refining internal processes to maximize team efficiency.


As NIST CSF grows in adoption by security teams, what are the implications for IT compliance teams? Governance is becoming a core principle of cybersecurity regulations, so how should organizations consider maturing their approach to this topic? This session will dive into the interplay between security and compliance in fortifying your cyber defenses while navigating a complex regulatory environment.

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