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Get more audits done. Manage audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting in one simple platform.

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Centralize Audit Management

Manage your audit projects and conduct all of your risk analysis in one simple platform.


Drive Collaboration

Collaborate on all areas of an audit, including planning, fieldwork, and reporting, in one location, enhancing the project’s agility and value.


Maximize Efficiency

Get real-time visibility into the status of your audit plan, issue reporting, and remediation status.

Quickly Identify Risks and Trends

View all of your auditable entities, including related audits, risks, and issues, in a centralized audit universe. Perform real-time risk assessments so you can make risk-aware decisions that have a direct impact on your audit activities and are most in line with the business, and quickly report on coverage across your auditable entities.

Prioritize Key Audit Areas

Quickly identify the risks and controls for the processes or operations under review to better define the engagement scope and criteria, ensuring that the most significant risks and stakeholder input drive comprehensive coverage, resulting in an audit engagement with a high impact.

Optimize Resource Efficiency and Experiences

Centralize and manage your team’s schedule in a highly flexible and visual manner to ensure resources are being effectively utilized on the right projects at the right time. Carry out your annual audit plan more efficiently while enhancing productivity, visibility, and resource use depending on skill sets and availability.

Having everything in AuditBoard has saved us 500-600 overall administrative hours — and saved us from possibly having to add one or two more full-time employees.

Anthony Mandica

Vice President & Head of Internal Audit

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Streamline Testing and Fieldwork

Enhance fieldwork, testing, and review by leveraging built-in workflows and managing documentation in one location. Easily compile, annotate, and review workpapers with an intuitive in-app markup solution. Integrate with applications like Microsoft Office and Google Drive to increase productivity and flatten the learning curve.

Automate Evidence Management

Eliminate hours chasing down stakeholders for needed documentation. AuditBoard automates follow-up and keeps stakeholders on track. You’re enabled to create, send, and monitor the status of document requests with ease.

Easily Track Issues and Action Plans

Standardize and centralize issue identification, follow-up, and reporting. Leverage purpose-built automated workflows that support multiple remediation owners and action plans to drive ownership and remediation of issues identified.

Templatize Your Audits

Easily create a new audit project from your organization’s library of templated audit programs to eliminate inconsistent work programs and ensure your methodology is followed consistently. You can also clone partial or entire audits to create new or recurring audit plans with a few clicks, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Your Audit Activities

Get real-time insights to help you make strategic decisions about risks, resources, audit results, and more. You can track the progress of your audit plan, stay on top of key findings, and monitor the status of your action plans using highly visual dashboards and reports.

Get More Agile

With AuditBoard, you have the flexibility to perform projects in agile or traditional project methodologies using the most user-friendly solution on the market. No matter what methodology you use, AuditBoard makes your organization more nimble.

Automation and Analytics, Your Way.

Leverage the flexibility of our native, no-code audit analytics solution or the seamless integration with your preferred, best-of-breed analytic applications to provide your teams with unparalleled control, scalability, and team efficiency.

Use Cases

Adapt and Transform to the Next-Generation Internal Audit Function

Improve Operations and Lower Cost with Operational Audits

Improve Operations and Lower Cost with Operational Audits

Maintain System Security Through Effective IT Audits

Maintain System Security Through Effective IT Audits

Prevent Future Deviations Through Effective Compliance Audits

Prevent Future Deviations Through Effective Compliance Audits

Used by Hundreds of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Teams

Our intuitive and integrated platform enables these teams to concentrate their efforts on the risks and opportunities that are most relevant to the business and their strategic objectives.

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