Our Leadership

Driving the transformation of risk management.

AuditBoard is led by a dynamic team of executives with a deep expertise in delivering world class SaaS experiences to customers.

Executive Leadership

  • Scott Arnold
    Scott Arnold President & CEO
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  • Kevin Jhangiani
    Kevin Jhangiani Chief Technology Officer
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  • Tom Schmit
    Tom Schmit Chief Revenue Officer
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  • Haibei (Happy) Wang
    Haibei (Happy) Wang Chief Development Officer
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  • Rajiv Makhijani
    Rajiv Makhijani SVP of Emerging Products
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  • Josh Harding
    Josh Harding Chief Financial Officer
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  • Evan Fitzpatrick
    Evan Fitzpatrick Chief Product Officer
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  • Chris Doell
    Chris Doell Chief Customer Officer
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  • John Reese
    John Reese Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Tina Yeh
    Tina Yeh SVP of Finance & Operations
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AuditBoard Advisors

  • Richard Chambers
    Richard Chambers Senior Internal Audit Advisor
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