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Third Party Risk Management Software

Visualize, assess, and mitigate the third-party risks facing your organization.

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Boost Productivity

Prioritize your inventory and focus on the vendors that matter most with auto-inherent risk scores.


Continual Oversight

Gain visibility into vendors with real-time data and seamless assessment questionnaires.

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Reduce Complexity

Facilitate collaboration with business stakeholders while streamlining vendor issue tracking and mitigation.

Streamline Vendor Evaluation and Onboarding

Automate workflows for requesting, submitting, and reviewing vendor questionnaires and aggregate details to create a central inventory to track relevant information on all your vendors. Prioritize your inventory and focus on the vendors that matter most with auto-inherent risk scores.

Conduct Vendor Risk Assessments With Ease

Create custom assessments or utilize out-of-the-box templates to perform vendor assessments. Simplify decision-making with in-platform auto-risk scoring and track mitigation efforts to demonstrate program improvement.

Trusted by Forward-Thinking Vendor Risk Teams

Manage Your Mitigation Plans

Assign mitigation owners, view the status of action plans, and send reminders from a centralized dashboard. Gain visibility into top third-party risks so they can be proactively remediated before they impact your organization.

Stay Ahead With Vendor Monitoring

Enable periodic monitoring processes and send out risk assessment questionnaires to identify any changes to the vendor’s control environment or follow up on newly identified vulnerabilities and request evidence.

Used by Hundreds of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Teams

Our intuitive and integrated platform enables these teams to concentrate their efforts on the risks and opportunities that are most relevant to the business and their strategic objectives.

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The Modern Connected Risk Platform

Elevate your audit, risk, sustainability, and compliance teams with the intelligent, collaborative, connected risk management platform.

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