How AI Is Radically Reshaping Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Business Strategy

Allison Miller
Allison Miller Cartomancy Labs
Christopher Porter
Christopher Porter Fannie Mae
Jim Routh
Jim Routh Saviynt
Richard Marcus
Richard Marcus AuditBoard

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Allison Miller is Founder and Principal at Cartomancy Labs, an advisory firm that guides teams in innovating and solving problems anywhere that people, money, and technology mingle. With decades of experience at the intersection of cybersecurity, fraud, and abuse, Allison is known for implementing real-time risk prevention and detection systems running at internet-scale, with a proven track record of building and protecting customer-facing platforms and services (both B2C and B2B).

Prior to establishing Cartomancy Labs, Allison was the CISO and VP of Trust at Reddit where she led the cybersecurity, privacy, risk, and safety teams. She has also held technical and leadership roles in security, risk analytics, and payments/commerce at Bank of America, Google, Electronic Arts, Tagged/MeetMe, PayPal/eBay, and Visa International. Miller speaks internationally on security, fraud and risk, sits on the Faculty at IANS, and has been recognized by SC Media as a Power Player in IT Security.

Christopher Porter is the CISO for Fannie Mae. In this role, he helps to communicate the importance of information security across the enterprise and to mature and innovate Fannie Mae’s defense and response capabilities. Porter has over 15 years of experience in IT and security industries. His background includes work as an economist, network and system administration, information security consultant and researcher. In his previous role at Verizon, Porter was a lead analyst and author of Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report series. He was also the co-creator of the VERIS Framework (Vocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing) which allows organizations to collect and report security incident metrics in a standard and repeatable manner.

Jim Routh is the Chief Trust Officer for Saviynt and the CISO for CalypsoAI. He is currently on the boards of Supply Wisdom, Savvy Security, Accountable Digital Identity Association, and the Global Resiliency Federation. He is the former board chair for the Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (H-ISAC), where he served for five years, and former board member for the Financial Services Information Sharing & Analysis Center (FS-ISAC).Jim is a former CSO/CISO for American Express, DTCC, KPMG, Aetna, CVS, and MassMutual.

Jim brings to the boards a vast business and technology background and is considered a digital and cyber security industry expert and thought leader. Jim is currently an advisor for Transmit Security, Wiz, Netskope, Armis, Security Scorecard, Devo, Gurucul, Data Theorem, CodeZero, Picnic, Legit Security, and Graphite Health. He serves in an advisory capacity and investor for cyber-specific venture funds including Syn Ventures, CyberStarts, Security Leadership Capital, Ballistic Ventures, and Rain Capital. Jim is an ICIT Fellow and an Adjunct Faculty member where he teaches cybersecurity for the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Richard Marcus is the VP of Information Security at AuditBoard, where he leads product, infrastructure, and corporate IT security functions as well as AuditBoard’s own internal risk and compliance initiatives. In this capacity, he has become an AuditBoard product power user, leveraging the platform’s robust feature set to help achieve SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001 compliance, and many other GRC initiatives. In his spare time, he enjoys exchanging insights with his information security leader peers in the AuditBoard Community and participating in the AuditBoard product development process. Prior to joining AuditBoard, Richard led global GRC at Verizon Media and Security Operations at EdgeCast Networks.


2023 was the year artificial intelligence broke through into the mainstream consciousness and into business use cases with the advent of generative AI and large language algorithms (LLMs). In 2024, audit, risk, and compliance teams need to prepare for a world of AI-augmented work and decision-making across all functional areas of the enterprise. IDC predicts that global spending on AI will continue to accelerate to over $301 billion by 2026. This means that companies will need to be prepared to manage AI risk and leverage its capabilities to remain competitive in their markets. During this session, we’ll explore the CISO perspective on what 2023 has taught us about how enterprises are using AI across the business, and how IT security and compliance teams should think about incorporating AI into their practice.

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