SOXHUB Introduces Operational Audit Management Tool

SOXHUB Introduces Operational Audit Management Tool

The leading provider of SOX and audit management software launches a new Operational Audit tool that empowers teams to perform more value-add audits.

LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2017 – SOXHUB, the leading provider of SOX and audit automation software, today announced its new operational audit management tool, OpsAudit. With this new tool, SOXHUB customers can now manage their operational audits in addition to their SOX audits, all on one simple platform. OpsAudit empowers teams to perform more value-add activities by streamlining the process of managing audit planning, fieldwork, and reporting.

“With SOXHUB, we changed the way Internal Audit teams work by improving efficiency and reducing administrative time and effort in their SOX programs. We are excited to take this to the next level with OpsAudit,” said Daniel Kim, Executive Vice President of Product. “OpsAudit enables teams to get more operational audits done, and get them done faster, by streamlining the audit planning, fieldwork and reporting process. OpsAudit helps auditors more effectively manage the audit lifecycle with key features designed to improve common pain points auditors face on a daily basis.”

The new OpsAudit tool in SOXHUB offers the following key features and enhancements:

Build effective, risk-based audit plans. Streamline the audit planning and scoping process, and easily connect risk and audit information. Users can collaborate on audit planning and resource allocation, as well as get real-time visibility across all internal audits.

Streamline audit fieldwork and testing. Users can build custom audit procedures and forms with helpful resources such as audit templates, review notes and due date reminders. Users can streamline evidence collection and management, easily create issues and highlight deficiencies, as well as track remediation plan progress and escalate issues.

Generate operational audit reports in hours, not days. Users can quickly generate reports by pulling in audit data points, and duplicate any periodic or recurring audits to rollforward in an instant. OpsAudit also makes collaboration on reports easy with version tracking and workflows.

Real-time visibility with dashboards. With OpsAudit dashboards, users can monitor the progress of each audit section, as well as the actual hours spent against budget. Users can also track the remediation progress of observations and drill down to view open and outstanding tasks.

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About SOXHUB SOXHUB is a SaaS technology company revolutionizing enterprise SOX, operational audits, and audit management software. In March, SOXHUB received a strategic investment from Donnelley Financial Solutions (NYSE:DFIN), a leading provider of financial reporting software. This investment brings SOXHUB together with ActiveDisclosure℠, from Donnelley Financial Solutions, to offer the most comprehensive compliance solution available today. With SOXHUB, enterprises can collaborate, manage, analyze and report on critical internal controls data in real time. We offer a full suite of audit management solutions for SOX management, ERM, operational audits, and workflow management. SOXHUB’s clients include industry-leading pre-IPO to Fortune 50 companies looking to streamline their accounting and audit functions.

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