How Edgewell Saves 400 Hours per Quarter with AuditBoard

How Edgewell Saves 400 Hours per Quarter with AuditBoard

AuditBoard’s connected risk platform helps teams like Edgewell manage a dynamic threat environment and automate time-intensive control testing processes to build security and drive sustainable growth.

This update builds on our 2023 interview with Edgewell. Learn how they continue to pave the way to uplevel their control testing and vulnerability management through:

  • Reduced Issue Remediation Time – Edgewell aligned their first, second, and third lines of defense to their highest priority issues. 
  • Eliminated Siloes –  Edgewell’s teams now partner closely to remediate issues while maintaining compliance and lowering risk exposure.
  • Improved Reporting – Edgewell’s team can now visualize, triage, and report on vulnerabilities, allowing their IT and business teams to align on key priorities. 

2023 Edgewell Success Story

In our Spotlight on Success series, Gene Litvin, Manager, IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance of Edgewell Personal Care Company, shares how his team is taking advantage of connected data, greater visibility into status, and enhanced collaboration from expanding their use of the AuditBoard platform across the organization. Edgewell is a leading pure-play consumer products company with a broad global footprint and a portfolio of established brand names such as Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® shaving products and Banana Boat® and Hawaiian Tropic® sun and skin care products. At a company that strives to “make useful things joyful,” this team has made the audit process more enjoyable for all stakeholders by switching from a manual environment to AuditBoard, including:

  • Leveraging AuditBoard’s CrossComply and SOXHUB solutions together as a link between departments that enhances productivity and collaboration.
  • Adding new frameworks and mapping controls across multiple frameworks including PCI and NIST.
  • Exploring how AuditBoard’s integration with Snowflake can enable continuous control monitoring, automated testing, and seamless access to data. 
Gene Litvin of Edgewell shares how his team has gained greater visibility, productivity, and collaboration from expanding their use of AuditBoard’s connected risk platform.

Tell us a little about Edgewell, and some of the challenges you faced in your previous manual audit environment. 

“The mission of Edgewell is to make ordinary things joyful. The joy is all over our marketing materials. The joy is something that we share internally, when we give kudos to our coworkers or employees, it is in the form of “joy points.” 

My personal mission at work is to make the everyday things not as painful when it comes to dealing with audit. Not a lot of people are excited about audit — I try to make it a little bit more exciting.”

“One of the key concepts that we were looking for in our audit software was to be able to communicate with external auditors like PwC, KPMG — that they would be able to view the status of our testing and we can share information, tracking where the status is. That was a big issue for us, just to be able to keep up with the status.”

Tell us about your implementation experience, and how it’s framed your expansion of AuditBoard’s connected risk platform across other areas of the organization.

“The adoption of AuditBoard went pretty smoothly, because we were hungry for a good solution. We were pleasantly surprised and happy with how dedicated the implementation team was. That’s why we’re buying other products from AuditBoard — we’re increasing our footprint throughout the organization.”

If I had to sum up what AuditBoard did for us, I would say it is a simplification and automation engine that makes me a partner to most departments. It is a link between our departments to enhance our productivity and collaboration.”

How have real-time visibility into status and easy-to-use dashboarding and reporting enabled your team to collaborate with other parts of the business?

“We love using dashboards. Dashboard functionality has been amazing. Reporting has been simplified to the extent that it’s just the push of a button.”

“We have seen benefits definitely with senior leadership, because a lot of senior leaders are expecting to see a dashboard when they’re looking at the status. They can work with their teams a lot more productively because now they can see the status, they can speak to it when they’re talking internally, and they can communicate to their team what they’re doing and what they’re expecting, especially when it comes to issues and resolutions.”

Tell us about how you’re leveraging AuditBoard to map controls across multiple frameworks including PCI and NIST.

“We were challenged last fiscal year to find a way to become PCI compliant and to run a risk assessment. We were going to start doing it the old-fashioned way with Excel spreadsheets and just going down the controls, but once we looked at the CrossComply module, we found ourselves a solution that can help us do both PCI compliance and NIST compliance, and leverage the controls that we already have for SOX and vice versa.” 

How have AuditBoard’s integrations with your existing cloud ecosystem enabled you to automate and scale your programs?

“We are already very heavily involved with Snowflake. So when I was at the AuditBoard conference, and I heard about the Snowflake integration with AuditBoard, that has garnered a lot of excitement. We’re talking to our Snowflake team. We’re talking to consultant implementation about continuous control monitoring, continuous testing, automated testing — being able to get data without spending time.”