Most Popular Webinars of 2022: Risk Management Edition

Most Popular Webinars of 2022: Risk Management Edition

Risk management professionals face an unprecedented challenge trying to keep up with the increasing rate of change in the risk landscape. Many risk managers tune in to AuditBoard’s Webinar Series to keep up to date about emerging risks and mitigation strategies from industry-leading experts. In the last year, AuditBoard’s Webinar Series focused on resilience in the face of new regulations, keeping management’s attention while fighting against risk fatigue, and viewing digital risk as a strategic opportunity.   

In 2022, AuditBoard hosted 40 audit, risk, and compliance webinars that attracted over 40,000 attendees. The outstanding speakers for AuditBoard’s webinars covered emerging risk topics impacting organizations like auditing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs, cybersecurity, inflation, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). They also educated attendees on everything from macro-level risk trends to specific key risk indicators that drive business decisions. As a bonus, we were able to grant over 33,000 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to support a variety of assurance certifications. In this article, we share three primary trends from the webinars we hosted in 2022, and we share how you can access our most popular webinars of the year, which are now available to watch on demand.

2022 Risk Management Webinar Trends

Three trends stand out when we look back at the most popular risk webinars from 2022. One of the main topics of conversation related to resilience in a time of increasing regulatory risk. Among the sessions on regulatory risk, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk took center stage. Speakers presented updates on pending ESG regulations, guidance on talking about ESG with leaders, and ways to build an ESG program. 

Another topic that resonated with attendees was the need to keep management’s attention on risk. The presentations hit on key points related to increasing risk velocity, evolving risk trends, and bridging the response gap created by risk velocity.  

The third popular topic in the webinar series looked for ways to turn digital risk management into a strategic advantage. Webinars in this series presented ways to add value by contextualizing digital risk and by linking digital risk to business objectives

In these sessions, the presenters tackled complex topics and emerging risks while offering practical solutions and approaches risk managers can apply immediately. Learning from these industry leaders will prepare you for the coming year and the emerging risks all organizations will need to mitigate.   

AuditBoard’s Most Popular Risk Webinars of 2022

To get you started as you explore the many topics available as on-demand webinars, here are the most popular sessions from 2022, in no particular order. 

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your ESG Program — As regulators pay more attention to ESG, audit, risk, and compliance teams will have a pivotal role to play. However, obtaining accurate, timely ESG data is still a challenge. AuditBoard ESG experts Claire Feeney and Judson Aiden break down how to navigate these pitfalls and build a successful program.
    • Attendee Feedback: “I’m working on helping my organization streamline their ESG process so I appreciated the insight. Everything was pertinent and informative with up to date information on a relatively new topic”
  2. Opportunity Knocks: Turning Digital Risk Into Your Competitive Advantage — AuditBoard’s John Wheeler discusses the impact of digital risk and how organizations can use it to their advantage by clearly communicating the link between technology risk and desired business outcomes. 
    • Attendee Feedback: “John Wheeler does an outstanding job with CPE sessions. His research, insights, and ability to articulate facts and data make a big difference!”​​​​​​
  3. How to Close the Business Resiliency Gap — The volatility and velocity of risk are growing faster than ever, but most organizations are struggling to keep up, creating a business resilience gap. Cameron Over and Scott Heflin from CrossCountry Consulting and AuditBoard’s Anand Bhakta discuss ways to close this gap.
    • Attendee Feedback: “One of the best presentations I have attended in almost 2 years.”
  4. Effective Strategies for Maintaining Risk Centricity in the Era of RV² — Today’s era of high-risk velocity and risk volatility is sometimes called RV². Richard Chambers and John Wheeler examine the challenges of RV², as well as effective strategies for getting ahead. 
    • Attendee Feedback: “Terrific, high-level view of today’s rapidly changing risk landscape! Extremely relevant topic – kudos to Richard and John for the presentation.”
  5. Industry Risk Trends and Managing KRIs — Gain insight into top risks and forecast future risks, as well as learn best practices to leverage key risk indicators (KRIs) to add value from Protiviti’s Kevin Rohrbach, BNY Mellon’s Scott Cronin, McDermott’s Serhat Khan, and AuditBoard’s Mary Tarchinski.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Speakers were very interesting and topics and examples were helpful. I really enjoyed their diverse industry backgrounds and expertise. Great webinar!”
  6. Integrating ESG Risk —What Boards and Senior Executives Want to Know — Are you reporting the right environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk metrics? John Wheeler unpacks the key risk drivers for ESG and how to use an integrated risk management approach to report on what board members and executives most want to know.
    • Attendee Feedback: “It was a great presentation, since it is a topic growing in relevance and with the EU being ahead.”
  7. Risk Management Through Internal Controls for Private Companies — A risk-based system of internal controls is an integral part of private company operations. Jim Traeger and Katie Strohman of Deloitte & Touche LLP explore the importance of implementing an internal control framework to manage risk and add business value.
    • Attendee Feedback: “Very good and informative presentation – took a lot away from it!”
  8.  Navigating the Coming Regulatory Tsunami: Which Risk Management Approach Is Best? — Navigating today’s risk environment and regulatory landscape presents real challenges for organizations. But is GRC or IRM the path to success? Two industry heavyweights, Michael Rasmussen and John Wheeler, will make the case for GRC and IRM, respectively — as well as share how the two strategies can work together.
    • Attendee Feedback: “A real conundrum regarding risk exemplified by two outstanding highly qualified practitioners. Excellent!”

Stay Up to Date With Thought Leadership in the Year Ahead

AuditBoard’s on-demand webinars contain a wealth of information that will enhance your skill set and prepare your risk management team for the year ahead. As we start the new year, the emerging risks and mitigation strategies covered in these webinars will continue to play an important role in risk management. Now is the perfect time to revisit the expert guidance provided in these on-demand webinars above and register to earn free CPE credits in AuditBoard’s 2023 Webinar Series.