How Jackson Health System’s Internal Audit Team Drove 15% Efficiency Gains

How Jackson Health System’s Internal Audit Team Drove 15% Efficiency Gains

In our Spotlight on Success series, Andre Reid, Vice President and Chief Audit Executive at Jackson Health System and his team share how they’ve been able to free up time from manual tasks since transitioning from TeamMate to AuditBoard’s intuitive, connected platform. Hear how the internal audit team at this Miami, Florida-based nonprofit academic medical system drove significant efficiency gains, including:

  • ROI from 10 to 15% efficiency gains by automating tasks that had to be done manually in TeamMate.
  • Decreased time spent on executive and board reporting from 3-5 hours per month to instantaneous report creation. 
  • Streamlining communication between the audit team and internal stakeholders.
Andre Reid, Jamal James, and Laura Velez of Jackson Health System share how their team frees up valuable time and collaborates seamlessly with AuditBoard.

How did you make the decision to switch from TeamMate to AuditBoard?

“At the time when we decided to evaluate and consider AuditBoard, we weren’t really planning on looking for a different tool. Going to different conferences and having a conversation with the sales rep piqued our interest to go through a demo. From seeing the first five minutes of the demo, we were excited based on initial dashboards and other things we saw. That demo piqued our interest to go forward with the process of switching from the tool we were using at that time, TeamMate, over to AuditBoard.” – Andre Reid, VP and CAE

What kind of ROI have you seen since implementing AuditBoard?

“I think the biggest thing from executive leadership or the board is always the return on their investment: what return are we going to see that’s going to differ from what we currently have in place. At a very high level, we probably cut down the manual work we were doing — things that we couldn’t accomplish in TeamMate — 10 to 15% in terms of efficiency.” – Andre Reid, VP and CAE

How have you been able to collaborate effectively with team members and business stakeholders? 

It’s easier for us to access documents and our work papers from home or wherever we’re at. One feature I like in AuditBoard is the @username feature, which also helps with efficiency. Everything is done there. We use the @username feature to say, “Hey, this is ready to go.” Then we submit it, they get an email, and they just have to click a link and it takes them straight to the document. We use it on a daily basis.” – Laura Velez, Staff Auditor

How has AuditBoard helped make reporting less cumbersome and time-consuming?

“What really stood out for me was the dashboards and the reporting functionality in AuditBoard. We used to spend a whole lot of time compiling the reports that we present to the board and executive leadership — we had to export the information [from our previous tool] into Excel and play around with it. 

On average we used to spend between three and five hours a month just on reporting. With AuditBoard, as long as the information is within the platform correctly, reporting takes an instant — click a button and you get all these reports that are exportable… We’ve seen a lot of efficiencies with AuditBoard, but the greatest efficiency for me are the reporting aspects. On a day-to-day basis I directly manage the staff, so that helps me to see where everybody is at, at any point in time.” – Jamal James, Director of Internal Audit

Tell us about your experience creating new projects in AuditBoard.

“A lot of things are just a drag and drop. The way we set up AuditBoard, we already had our templates put into the system so everything was pretty standardized. Every time we start a new project, we just clone the project and we move forward. From the ease of transitioning from one system to the next, it was efficient for the team based on the approach that we took.” – Andre Reid, VP and CAE

Tell us about your experience with AuditBoard’s Help Center and Customer Success team.

“There are lots of tools available within AuditBoard itself. The help function has a lot of information that you can read about and videos that you can watch as well. If worst comes to worst and you cannot get the answer there, then you can reach out to a team member by sending a message or an email through AuditBoard. Typically we get a response within 24 hours. That is really good for us — that almost immediate response is critical because sometimes, you may have issues that may hinder you from progressing. With the quick response, we’re able to get over those hurdles. For me, the quick response from the AuditBoard team is really, really impressive.” – Jamal James, Director of Internal Audit