Customer Success at AuditBoard

Customer Success at AuditBoard

Here at AuditBoard, client success is a driving focus of our core business. We believe building the best possible product is just as important as ensuring our clients get the most out of that product. One of the leads tasked with this mission is our Client Success Director, James Im, along with the rest of our dedicated implementation specialists. From our 20 day onboarding process to hands-on training sessions and support, our Client Success team is focused on empowering our clients from the get-go to achieve the best possible experience in AuditBoard. We believe onboarding to AuditBoard’s tool should be efficient, comprehensive, and seamless – not a lengthy, painful process you dread. Hear from AuditBoard’s Director of Customer Success, James Im, to learn more about AuditBoard’s onboarding process.

Our ultimate goal as a Customer Success team is providing the tools and support to ensure you are successful in achieving YOUR goals as a team. Happy customers turn into our best advocates.

Industry’s Fastest Onboarding Time

How does AuditBoard’s implementation process differ from others?**

A big difference between AuditBoard and our competitors is the amount of time it takes to implement. With AuditBoard, the entire process takes anywhere between 15 to 20 business days. Typically, enterprise solutions in the accounting and audit space take anywhere from 4-6 months, because clients have to choose between clunky, over-engineered tools. Client teams would actually have to invest a significant amount of time before they saw benefits in their software tool. At AuditBoard, we have really minimized that ramp-up time, allowing clients to begin seeing value from their new tool in a very short amount of time.

“It was a seamless process and a smooth transition.” – Manager of Internal Audit, $12B Technology company

How can AuditBoard onboard so quickly?

AuditBoard was built from the ground up for Internal Controls and SOX, so the data structure is built around the RCM. This allows our clients to simply provide us their pre-existing data sets and we can do a load very quickly into our tool.

Also, our implementation and onboarding team is made up of people with heavy Internal Audit experience. This gives us an advantage when analyzing client data, such as RCMs, narratives and flowcharts, and ensuring it is correctly mapped in AuditBoard. In addition, when a client has a request or requirement, we try to better understand their ultimate audit goals and provide them the optimal solution in AuditBoard. Being able to speak the same audit language with our clients really helps facilitate a seamless customer experience, both online and offline.

Being able to speak the same audit language with our clients really helps facilitate a seamless customer experience, both online and offline.

Customer Support When It Matters Most

Initial feedback after implementation?

Clients are always pleasantly surprised we’re able get them up and running in such a short amount of time and hit their deadlines. Another common point of praise is how responsive our Customer Success team is. At AuditBoard, within 24 hours there will be a response from one of our team members for any issue that’s been raised.

“If you currently have no integrated SOX tool other than Word or Excel then SOXHUB is an easy to implement and value added solution to improve visibility into your SOX universe.” – Director of Internal Audit, $2.5B Global Motion Picture Media & Entertainment company.

What are the keys to client success?

It’s all about the attention you give to each individual client. We pay attention to a client’s needs – not taking every request at face value, but really trying to understand what our clients’ goals are. Our ultimate goal as a Customer Success team is that we want to be your partner to success on our platform. We believe if we succeed at helping you meet your goals, you will become a big advocate for AuditBoard going forward. So we approach Client Success with that mindset when doing customer service.


James Im, CPA is Principle, Product Operations at AuditBoard. James has over 12 years of SOX experience across various publicly traded companies, including EY, IRF Corp, Quiksilver, Nissan, and CPK. He is heavily experienced in IT audits and system implementation reviews. James works closely with AuditBoard’s implementation specialists to help clients achieve their team goals. Connect with James on LinkedIn.