New AuditBoard Capabilities Released to Extend Your Front Lines and Elevate Your Team

New AuditBoard Capabilities Released to Extend Your Front Lines and Elevate Your Team

Each quarter, we highlight key capabilities released by AuditBoard. We’ve collected a summary of key features released in Q4 2022, with the opportunity for customers to learn more about additional product releases in the AuditBoard Help Center

ESG & Sustainability Operationalized

See AuditBoard’s ESG solution in action.

Introducing AuditBoard ESG! Our newest solution streamlines ESG program management by enabling sustainability teams to centralize data collection, automate manual tasks, simplify framework reporting, and ensure data accuracy. AuditBoard ESG is now part of the only connected risk platform on the market that brings together your audit, risk, compliance, internal controls, and ESG data into the same system of record, providing more visibility into your entire risk environment and enabling you to bring more value to your organization. 

Empower Risk-Informed Strategic Decision-Making

Are you looking to enhance your ability to be a trusted, forward-thinking partner to the business? If so, check out our latest features like the Connected Risk Dashboard (RiskOversight), Key Performance Indicators (RiskOversight), Audit Planning (OpsAudit), and Process Pages (SOXHUB), which help surface real-time insights to influence business decisions and outcomes.

Elevate Your Team’s Impact

Streamline processes and communication to help you work faster with new features like Framework Assessment Workflow (CrossComply), enhanced Resource Planning (OpsAudit), and WorkStream Conditional Questions (platform-wide).

In Case You Missed It

End users can also set up and configure a new robust Residual Risk Calculator (RiskOversight) and increase efficiency with enhanced Automated Evidence Connectors (platform-wide). AuditBoard customers can click here to learn about even more product features now available to you as of Q4 2022.